Saturday, May 2, 2009

life decisions.

L28 with triple mikunis :
has 60,000 miles on it.
cheapest option.
sounds relatively cool.
its the original engine for the car.

slowest option.
not the coolest sounding.
least potential to make power.

RB20DET (TDo4, front mount, injectors):
most powerful option.
relative ease of swap.
can sell L24 to recuperate some funds.
ease of upgrade.
reliability of fuel injection.
gas mileage.
doesn't sounds as cool as other options.
cost is significantly more than L24.
downtime (will need daily driver)

Small Block Chevy:
sounds cool as fuck.
sounds cool as fuck.
cheap parts.
kit available for convenient swap.
will make decent power.
potential to make more power easily.

i know the least about this option so a bunch of research is required.
gas consumption.
still don't feel right.
will be almost as expensive as RB20 swap.


pandapirates said...

cough rb haha

either way im sure it will be dope with u buildin it

s0apgun said...


philstarsays said...

L28...a sound not heard nowadays.

Teddy said...

L28 you bafoon! Why would you even consider anything else. Triple Mikuni's son!

Anonymous said...

Read and build. Was going to do the same to my s30 but got lazy.

Officially lost in corn fields said...

l28 all the way mr. Good luck with the build guy.