Monday, December 13, 2010

Cool New Website!

...Just kidding, it's not real.

So I had a chance too drive Lucky's SC300 today (don't tell him but i drifted it around his neighborhood =P ) and i must say that car is quite fun, i almost regret selling it to him, but then again i wouldn't have this awesome 1996 Honda Civic Sedan if i didn't! Yes, I have caved and purchased a daily driver, The Z is too much for me - maybe I'm getting old. So please be prepared to see a bunch of Honda stuff in the near future (at least it's not bad as Henry blogging about street fighting video games, amirite? haha)

Oh wait, it's the future already.



Anonymous said...


My friend needed a daily while he puts his BEAMS motor in his corolla with levin front, so he got an older Impreza wagon.

I drive a shitbox Miata with a shark mouth painted on it and the loudest exhaust ever - no power steering, no heater, no radio - to and from work and errands while my 1JZ Cressida is getting finished up.

Why a Civic? No anti-Honda rhetoric here, just wondering what inspired the relatively bland choice.

Troy said...

i hate lucky's car!its way to cool

Yuta Akaishi said...

I had coilovers, sway bars, all adjustable links, front and rear subframe braces, strut bars, short shifter, GS-R brakes, and a bunch of other shit for civic just sitting around.

Private Runner said...

good to hear you came back to the honda family :)