Thursday, October 6, 2011

Full size side tank radiator in Civic.

Today we will install a full size radiator in my Civic, I recently swapped a B18C from an Integra GS-R into the vehicle and the stock half size radiator just wasn't cutting it. So the awesome folks over at Koyo (Scott to be exact, this guy is the man) hooked me up with one of their 36mm V-core racing radiators. However, we decided on not a regular half size Civic radiator but their Scion TC application (V2776). This is a full size radiator that could easily fit in the engine bay of the Civic, however the tricky part is that I was adamant on keeping my AC. Here is how it went.


If you have been reading this blog at all, you may have seen that i recently made my radiator support bolt-on after having the original one destroyed by a steel beam on the freeway. So i unbolted it and off it came.



First we removed the stock radiator and AC condenser mounts by using a spot weld remover.


Then I trimmed the rad. support to accommodate for the filler neck.


Safety first! I like wearing gas station sun glasses when i grind/cut/destroy stuff.


fitment looks pretty spot on.



This radiator is quality!


I went ahead and removed the stock radiator - into the trash it goes.


After welding new mounts for the bottom we test fitted the radiator support on the car.


Looks pretty good so then we mounted the AC condenser behind the radiator along with a 12" electric fan.


I rigged up the radiator hose crossover using 90 degree bends, the stock hose and some brass tubes, I think I'll get it made in aluminum soon though.


And there you have it, full size radiator in a Civic. Big thanks to Koyo of course and my roommate Allan for helping!



Cody said...

Holy rad!

adam said...

nice I dig it.

Saurabh Saini said...

Looking great! nice glasses dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey we've used full size rads in our honda's for years up here in Vallejo Ca.
Hope you enjoy the LA area.

P.S. Did you ever donate all the money you got from the stickers for Japan, or was it what you used for the move? Just saying seems a little fishy you never posted about giving the money we all donated for Japan, but a few months later you're moving to LA.

Well anyways good luck with the traffic down there Yuta. Piece out.

Yuta Akaishi said...

It cost me less than $700 (Uhaul rental and gas) to move to Orange County from San Jose and yes I donated the money like I said i would to the Japanese Consulate. I honestly got sick of trying to keep people updated from all the bullshit I got. I guess I just wasn't capable of handling something of that magnitude by myself. I cut the goal short at a little over $7500, donated it and now I'm working on getting everybody the stickers that were lost in the mail, had errors in the colors, etc. Thank you for the concern but i hear there are way better conspiracy theory videos on youtube than the shit you see on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Haha nah, I like the conspiracy theories here better.

I only asked since you never posted anything else of it. I'm glad you did the donation as since my wife is Japanese, and My best friends Wife and new born son were in Sendai, visiting the in-laws when everything went down.

So my concern was for the people really and I could care less for the sticker's, its the people that matter more.

I'll start another conspiracy now by opening the X-Files, of the missing 240z. Was it abducted my aliens, running for president, or is it hiding in a garage up here still in San Jose???? The world wants to know.

-- said...

Hi Yuta. Out of topic question, but could you tell me how is the vinyl sticker printer called you use?

Ayasha Kieth said...

You really work hard for this, Good luck and I hope everyone was doing great!

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Unknown said...

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maryf said...

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