Friday, January 6, 2012

Wheels for sale.

Alright, I have some wheels (mostly pairs) up for sale again. Prices are "or best offer".

PAIR 5x114.3 Advan Model T6 19x10 +15, brand new. $850


SINGLE 5x114.3 Advan Model T6 19x10 +15, brand new. $250


PAIR 5x114.3 Volk Face 2 GT-Cs 18x10 (whatever offset you want - i'll explain further down), brand new. $800


PAIR 5x114.3 19x9.5 Volk SF Challenges. (Any offset you want). $650.


PAIR of brand new RAYS Daytona 707s 17x9 +35. $350.


SET 17x7.5 +48 5x100. Gram Light 57Cs $500. practically brand new. Used once on a display car. SOLD


Advan RCII (pair) 5x100, 17x8.5 +48 - mint condition - $400.


Advan Model 6, 5x114.3, 18x7.5 +45. Brand new in box, new old stock. $1500


Advan Model 7, 5x114.3, 18x9 +45. Brand new in box, new old stock. $1500


Advan Model 7, 5x114.3, 19x9/10 +45. Brand new in box, new old stock. $1800


C-ONE SR-1, 355mm, brand new discontinued. $350


For the wheels marked as "any offset you want". I work at wheelflip, where we do custom work on wheels. On these wheels, the register is welded to a single piece barrel, I will cut the register out, weld it back in to make the desired offset and repolish/powdercoat the lip. The wheels will be done and shipped/available to be picked up 10-14 days from when payment is received.


Matt said...

What are the offset to the gt-c's at the moment without modifying?

Yuta Akaishi said...

They are currently +44. I can make them any offset between +70 and -19.

Ayasha Kieth said...

wheels are very cool, and I'm sure a lot of man will get interested to buy a wheels to you :D

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Rafael Zamora said...

hey yuta i send you an email some while ago, im looking for a 240z, but i realy dont trust that much in ebay and i live in paraguay so i have to buy it online, could you help me?

Matt said...

Yeah fair enough, too many issues with rewelding rims here in aus so il have to leave it sorry mate

Ciel said...

Yuta do you still have that single T6? I might make a table out of it lol, let me know. I'm local so I can come pick it up, thanks!

achilles01987 said...

Yuta, not sure if you still check this blog, but I'm interested in the sf challenge pair! Call me at 915-588-9027

Benjamin Davidson said...

I am looking for a pair of 15x11J – 30 to -35, and a pair of 15x10J -10 to -20 for my 240Z. I am somewhat undecided on the offset because I have ZG flares as well as ZG wides and I dont know which I am running. I am having a hell of a time locating any wheels I would like, so any info is greatly appreciated! Let me know what you can do for me.

James said...

Are the Rays Daytona 707s still available? I'll take em off your hands immediately. Please contact me at

Thank you!