Saturday, January 17, 2009


so, turns out it was just the head gasket.

ha ha.

picking up a new head and justin has a headgasket.


so after all this is fixed ill post a huge blog with a bunch of pics from the LA trip as well as the new (kinda) 240.


for now here are a couple pics i stole from matt's blog since they are pics of my car haha.

for reference the D-max hood does not fit that terribly, usually...

so i had to raise my engine up about an inch-inchpointfive, because, well, to put it simply the ground was too high and my oil pan would have been resting on the asphalt, not too comforting.

anyways more on that later. got some shit to take care of.


Matej said...

Well, this is all the motivation I needed to buy shorter springs. Thanks.

[Panda] said...

yuta, what you gonna do about that "hole" in the hood? i was looking at it and maybe you could eliminate that last "fin" and the part that has the other hole make it a bit higher and just continue it until the part that was eliminated...

i don't know if you understand what im trying to say... just a bit of help or a idea that might inspire one of your own!

LongGrain said...

looks good, yuta. keep it up!