Sunday, January 18, 2009


so i bought a civic today.

story goes:

my friend had a civic, i basically put it together for him over some time.

full suspension, everything is adjustable, sway bars, even poly bushings on all suspension components that dont have ball joints extended studs. GS-R brakes, SS braided lines, D15Y8, short shifter, cf hood, front and rear type r lips, etc etc.

it got stolen and when he got it back the fenders were kicked in, wheels and sound system were gone.

so he offered me a great deal and since i dont really care about audio in this car and plan on doing the 5 lug type r hubs anyways i bought it.

that is how the story goes of how i bought a honda.

i love it, handles awesome and is actually pretty quick too.


Teddy said...

What a fanboi! Hahaha

LongGrain said...

be sure to ditch that D series, other than that it sounds like a good plan.