Thursday, February 5, 2009


so the civic is coming together quite well.

here are some photos.

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so we went to san fransisco

then i stopped by fatlace to say hi to kenny and steal stickers.

no photo of kenny available at the moment.

then i stopped by davis' house to see his scooter.

pretty nifty.

thats it for now.


mattninethousand <===3 said...

this should make you happy.

Matej said...

You make every car look good. Natural talent.

Revgasm_Josh said...

i'm def digging the EK... KANJO!!!

Ruiz XIII said... seems like every time I don't keep up with you or your blog you end up getting a new car, wtf.

How do you have all this dough laying around, I want to be cool too.
me = major lame :(

s0apgun said...

that is sick

always liked the ek

D*star said...

Yo. Your EK is cool. BUT.
You need to get a cool fucking S chassis again.