Thursday, February 5, 2009


so the civic is coming together quite well.

here are some photos.

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so we went to san fransisco

then i stopped by fatlace to say hi to kenny and steal stickers.

no photo of kenny available at the moment.

then i stopped by davis' house to see his scooter.

pretty nifty.

thats it for now.


matt said...

this should make you happy.

Matej said...

You make every car look good. Natural talent.

Revgasm_Josh said...

i'm def digging the EK... KANJO!!!

Ruiz said... seems like every time I don't keep up with you or your blog you end up getting a new car, wtf.

How do you have all this dough laying around, I want to be cool too.
me = major lame :(

s0apgun said...

that is sick

always liked the ek

D*star said...

Yo. Your EK is cool. BUT.
You need to get a cool fucking S chassis again.