Saturday, April 18, 2009

bullshit, nobody like the yuta here!

The S13 is officially gone.

Lucky towed it away yesterday, i think Matt got pics.

looking for a nice clean platform for my new project, some of you know what it is.

not to fret however, i am not wasting the money from the S13 on this stupid shit.

with that said, i am enjoying the civic very much, good comfortable vehicle. but man i cannot wait for the REAL project car to start. the sole intent of this new car will be the same as the S13s ive owned in the past.

Low (as fuck)
wide (as fuck)
loud (as fuck)

and introducing

fast (as fuck)

...i can hardly contain my excitement.


pandapirates said...


hook a brotha up with some details ;)

pandapirates said...

Ah I see. Coolness, well ur talking power then i can prolly guess what's gonna go into it.

Yea I live in Yokosuka, about 20 minutes south of Yokohama, so if you do come definitely let me know man. We'll have to meet up and grab some grub or something one day. My brother will be here this summer too so that'd be dope if so.

Yea i am definitely enjoying myself its been a dream come true so far.

Matej said...

Hey, I like the Yuta here.