Tuesday, December 8, 2009

blog post

SO i am posting this from the apple store at valley fair mall.

i just went to the bank of america across the street.

I'm waiting for Mimi's manager so i can pick up her paycheck for her.

the fucked up mess my checking account was is now much easier to manage. i was at -$210 due to overdraft fees i still do not believe i deserved, but i guess the third time's the charm because on this visit i got it down to -$59.45 which i just payed off, and had my account closed. So now i can concentrate on my credit card debts.

I guess i wont be needing to part out my car after all!

i really want to thank all you guys for the words of encouragement, all the guys i only know through the internet and Ron (who seems to know something about everything).

Speaking of Ron, he has a set of Work Varienzza D3S for sale in dope sizes so ill be posting those up tonight.

well i think Mimi's manager is probably here now so ill go look for him as soon as i change the wallpaper background on this computer. =P


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Super Terrific said...

Yea man I'm glad it worked out for you. I hate to see you lose that car. You should make a calendar of your car or something. Charge everyone for enjoying crazy pictures of your ride.

Anonymous said...

Is that a good thing or bad thing that I know something about everything? AHAHA...IONO...but I'm just glad your not parting the z out man. You know what you gotta do.

Marco said...


Something I threw together. Let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

Glad your not takin your Z apart. It's my hero.

s0apgun said...

glad to be internet bros with you anytime

i'd lend you some cash if we were real life bros