Monday, December 21, 2009

I love

My car.

i cannot wait for coilovers and wheels.

i just want one pair of decent wheels.

like MKIIs. 14x8 MKIIs.


most awesome 14" wheels ever.

and like one pair of whatever wheels, Konigs or whatever.

or some shit.

somebody help me?

Justin just got a pair of 14x7 MKIIs.

so jealous.

but yea.

one more time.

oh and


just kidding i still love you more.

i guess Z is like wife material - i feel peaceful when i drive her and i feel the need to protect her, whereas the TE is more fun and crazy and i can just leave her handcuffed to the headboard and forget about her for a couple weeks...

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Anonymous said...

Finally a Rolla 2 door. Drop a 20v 4ag in it.