Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So lately.

It's been a bit of a shitfuck trying to order new tires for my car, With me being in Japan and what not. Ron has been taking care of this but after getting some bullshit runaround from America's Tire Company, we decided to just order them from in Chicago, i hope they get here in a timely manner so i can get the tires on, figure out the fitment and get an alignment in time for JCCS. I decided on Toyo Proxes R888s in 205/55/14 and 225/50/14. So my set of 195/60/14 Azenis RT-615s are for sale. one pair has maybe 20% tread left and the other has 80% left, i'm asking $120 for all four.

In other news Justin's 610 was featured in Super Street Magazine, so be sure to check that out. Henry's Mom's GS300 made a little cameo appearance in this article!


Some pics i took from Drift Matsuri was used on Speedhunters, which was cool! link.

Ron found a large gallery of pics of my car on a Polish site Here

And he found this on another Polish site.


Whomever made that, Thanks!

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Bockett said...

Man that Polish link is Awesome. It has made my search for the 'Z' even more motivated