Sunday, June 5, 2011

Clean '73 240Z Full Interior For Sale!

I have for sale, my near-complete interior (missing floor mats and seats - which were worn)! Including my original un-cracked dash. Every other panel is in very good condition and includes:
center console
door panels (door cards)
headliner + a pillar.
quarter panels
rear carpet.
diamond pattern leather over strut towers and tranny tunnel.
all small miscellaneous pieces.

Everything is in very good condition, however there are small imperfections here and there to be expected of a 40 year old car.

I am looking to sell everything complete for $1200 or best offer, the only thing I am willing to sell separately is the dash - for $800 or best offer.



OniZ said...

Oh why you selling the interior? I'm curious to see what you have planned.

AaRZ said...

where can i contact the owner?, is this your interior yuta?, will it fit a 72 240Z?.. im interested!

Anonymous said...

so jealous of your dash.

Alex Straffin said...

Certainly doesn't hurt the ad that the photos are from speed hunters lol. glws. I would buy it if I wasn't already in deep with my other parts.

Cassio said...

If you end up getting a buyer for the dash let me know cause I have some interest in some of the other things.

Sunny said...

If that dash is still available i would like to pick it up locally. I'm in Oakland.

Ayasha Kieth said...

this one is a good investment! :)

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JonnyK said...

Are the 2 door cards available seperately and would you ship to the UK, if still available...??