Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Sale, Work Bersalgios 18x10.5 -7, 18x12 -5. *Sold*


As donations have been really slowing down, and I am working on taking care of getting stickers out to people who did not receive them due to getting lost in the mail or having received wrong colors or quantities now, I am getting ready to start on the S30 in the next month as I put that on hold when we started the donation project, I finally have time to get back to my cars. So to start off I am putting my Work Bersaglios up for sale, I bought them a while back for my S13 but i really want to concentrate on finishing the S30. I am actually selling all my wheels and will be posting them up here in the near future (several sets of Advans, Regamasters, Kid's Racing). Anyways the wheels are 18x10.5 -7 and 18x12 -5, 5x114.3 and I am asking $2300. they definitely are not perfect as they are a older and discontinued model, there are small sections of the faces where the chrome is peeling and they have scratches on the lip from mounting and dismounting tires, they look like they can clear larger calipers. If you are interested please email me at yutaakaishi@gmail.com


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Jase said...

Dang, these are rad. GL w/ sale! :)