Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About International Orders.

Hello, thank you guys and girls for all the support. I spent all last night setting this up, finally went to sleep at 6:30am and woke up today to almost $400 donated! Also i received a few questions about shipping internationally. If your location requires me to to ship internationally, please donate an additional $5 for the first sticker for a total of $10, every additional sticker is $5.

One sticker - $10
Two stickers -$15
Three stickers $20


Please email me at if you have any questions!

Thank you so much!



Wood said...

Donation sent!

TigaStyle365 said...

whats up man. im going to post this up on and as well to try to raise more money. hope you/guys dont mind

doug said...

awesome idea champ. payment sent!

Anonymous said...

Xlnt idea! Hope you raise much $. Donation sent :)

Anonymous said...

Good Job man!

Anonymous said...

We're getting an European (Luxembourg) group buy together. Right now there are 60+ stickers already!

mistah mofro said...

im gonna post this on the z31 and forums.

Maybe you/we can a arrange a japan relief donatin meet or event or something in the bay area.

DAN MIRFIN said...

This is a great way to raise funds. It is fully worth it. Here in christchurch, New Zealand we had a huge earthquake in February. Pretty much destroyed our whole central city and killed like 200 people. I couldn't imagine having a tsunami and nuclear meltdowns as well. So crazy