Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please read if you donated!

The following (awesome) people forgot to include their addresses in their donation, please email me at yutaakaishi@gmail.com with your address! Thanks!

Michael Mancuso
edwin reyes
Kyle Freeman
Michael Fernandez
Thomas Harris
Nicholas Perez
Lauren Kaye
jerome Boucher
Spencer Ono
Steven Ney
Dillion cook
Chris Furby
Terry Pham
Billy Thach
Thomas Lapniramai
Charley Houck
Tyler M Bryant


fatjodz said...

i'm not on that list so i must've sent my address, but...i'm assuming you did you find a chrome vinyl that worked for you? sweet!

Keiko said...

It has been two weeks since I made my donation and hope the sticker is coming soon...

Also, please let us know where the donation monies go to!

mistah mofro said...

I too made donation and sent an email after, i dont remember what color i requested. I'll email my info over again and check my paypal.

Yuta Akaishi said...

All donations made before the 24th have been mailed out, unless you requested chrome, I am still trying to get chrome to work but i may have to replace them with a different color. I apologize for the wait, but please keep in mind that this is something i am doing when i am not at school or work, This is not my job. I am doing this as quickly as possible. And all donations will be given to the Consulate General of Japan. However i am contacting as many major corporations as possible before i do so to see if they are willing to match our donation to get the most out of your hard earned money as well as ours.

inqui-Z-tor said...

Nissan has a program where they'd match donations ..


inqui-Z-tor said...

Ohh so those that donated prior to the 24th - stickers have been mailed? Sweet .. then I may get mine before our car show (also a fund raiser for Japan Earthquake Relief) this weekend. I wasn't on the list above .. and I didn't order chrome.