Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Anonymous.


Oh hello there,

I just wanted to thank you for your comment. Your writing conveys such eloquence that it really impressed me, not to mention your common sense. If you are going to post as anonymous, there is literally nothing i can do for you, as i didn't receive any donations from "anonymous". To be honest nobody knows where your money is going, the plan is to give it directly to the Japanese Consulate General but i am still doing research on who is the best recipient of the money and contacting companies to see if they will match our donation. Oh and surely you meant "reply to over as thousand emails" when you wrote "reply to a simple email", now if you and I were the only people in the world (or even if you were the only person you donated) I'm sure we would have excellent communication. But fortunately that is not the case and we have many people to share this planet with, so please bear with me. I promise i will make a post when the money has left my hands. Oh, you were just interested in the stickers? Well then aside from telling you that you donated for the wrong reason let me share a statistic with you, according to google: 37% of mail sent out through the US Postal Service is lost. So perhaps the stickers i sent you fell into that category, I apologize for that and would love to send you replacements if you would only tell me who you are. As for answering emails, I am doing so to the best of my ability but I only have two hands and not very much free time, I do work (and believe it or not this project is not my job - if it was, well I would be homeless) and i do get tired, and when i get tired i tend to make mistakes. So i try to set aside as much time as possible when I am awake and well rested to process stickers and reply to emails. I appreciate your patience and i will do my best to reply to your email as soon as i can, whomever you may be.

P.s. It's a little redundant to write "Fuck Yuta" on my blog, a simple "Fuck you" would have sufficed.


d3c0y said...

Hey Yuta,
Got mine in the post this morning and just wanted to say thanks for all the work you guys are putting into this. It really is a massive effort im sure. Hopefully the positive comments can out weigh all the idiotic ones. Keep up the good work.

Matej said...

Dear Yuta,
Perhaps that comment was a direct sentence addressed to you, and the 'F word' was only used to convey a sense of strong feelings regarding the subject, not as an insult.
Similar to something like, "F*** bro, this f****** can of Monster energy drink is so f****** radical!"

Yuta Akaishi said...

I considered that at first as well, Matej. But judging by the tone of the rest of the sentence, it made more sense. "Fuck Yuta,(it's been) two months and no response about where my money went. (he) Can't reply to a single email." Is what i interpreted it as. Your suggestion makes sense, but i think we are just being optimistic.

LA said...

I got mine in bro... but could of cared less if I received them. Thanks for what you're doing.

Steve Zero said...

Haters gonna hate. Looking forward to receiving mine. I'll send you a shot on my skyline when it's on. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

are you buying the watanabes with the donation money? Ahaaa.

Jay said...

I got mine in Sweden so the postal system is working for at least that 63%. Like LA though, I'm more interested in the reason that you're doing them and hope you can find some companies to match the donation.

A suggestion about where to send it to...I know that the guys at Ebisu were doing quite a lot in the local area from putting people up for free in the hotel to putting on variety shows to cheer people up. Maybe you should contact them or Andy at Powervehicles and see what they suggest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Yuta... Its sad too see your hardwork to help Japan get so much hate from dickhead that only donante to get stickers... Since the person commenting is such a retard.. he or she might have mistaken the word You with Yuta... either way he or she is still a fag...

Dear Fag Commenter... SUG MY DIG

Alex Straffin said...

Anytime you do anything large scale on the Internet, you are always going to have ignorant comments and emails to reply to.

Just ignore this crap man. It's just pure ignorance.

RyanL said...

Dear Yuta,
Thanks for all your hard work and self-lessness. Your dedication to making a change is something many people (including myself) will look up to.

Thank you for the stickers, and keep up the good work. Name-and-shame the haters where possible.

Love from New Zealand

sythen said...

took more than a month but i got my stickers yesterday. can't complain since it arrived from halfway across the globe.

i do hope you're able to sort out the donations without too much trouble. great job man

Daniel H. said...

Hey Yuta,
Got Mine today! Outstanding!
Appreciate the late nights,hard work and effort. Sealed, delivered and received.
From San Jose to Brunei.
HB love for Japan.

LozZz said...

I'm in Japan and got mine really quick.

Nice work Yuta

Fuck the haters!

Mistah Mofro said...

i sent in another donation yuta hope it bumps up the total.

BTW-Whats the grand total now?