Saturday, May 7, 2011

Personal Use.

So as you guys know, my newly acquired vinyl cutter has seen not much else other than HBforJapan stickers. So last night after work, i decided to whip up something for myself. I made a few of these for some friends. I might make a couple tiny revisions to the design but I like them quite a bit for what they are, simple and fun.

Here is a photo of one on Erik's TE.



Anonymous said...

Fuck Yuta 2 months and no response about where my money went. Can't reply back to a simple email.

Anonymous said...

Dammm man, who in the heck are you really ? why you been bad mouth him/ yuta , really there is suppose to be some explanation about all this.. .

im sure you will get the product of what you purchased or if not you might get your money back, plain and simple you are not loosing 1k or 10k usd its just few bucks .. . so man up son peace.

Helmstarr said...

I LOVE this!!!

- D