Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alpine decks and san francisco

So i got bored the other day and painted my deck.

today i drove out to stockton to pick up some free wheels and tires (thanks Lucky!) it was an exceptionally pretty day.

then mimi got mad at me for taking photographs of her while she was on the phone.

then a photograph was taken of me.


s0apgun said...

pink deck


Anonymous said...

comment whore.
nobody gives me any comments D:

Brian said...

yea man I actually just got done talkin to ron a lil bit ago

well lets see, i graguated college about a month ago and im just hanging around working the same job at the grocery store for now.

i got accepted to go to japan. so i will be moving there the end of march (i am pretty excited about this as you can imagine)

and thats about all the excitement in my life, just spending money trying to keep the car up

How have you been? anything new going on?

Slappy said...

Ohh, like the Moon eyes...