Saturday, December 13, 2008

"its hopeless"


another one.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you know i only said that because i was really frustrated. you tell me to tell you what you did wrong. i thought i should just keep it to myself, because i know discussing it wont lead us anywhere. we both have different point of views. but you just said to say them. i did. then you tell me why cant i just accept your flaws. how have i not? i do. thats why i am always in the car with you. if i didn't accept them, i probably would choose not to be sitting in the passenger seat while you are driving. but i accept them. i only hope that you will be careful and try to use your best judgement. its because you are in control that you feel secure with your driving and the car. but you have to understand that i dont have any control of the car. so its pretty normal that when your driving and the car is moving we see everything differently. i did'nt mean your flaws are hopeless to fix. but also when you believe that you dont have any problems driving, what is there to believe is hopeless?

this is all because i love you and care TOO much for you. i really dont want the worst to happen. i hope it was easy for you to see it.