Tuesday, July 28, 2009

coilover dilema


i have a slight issue, the coilovers that i am using at the current ride height are not functioning very properly. i have about 3" of travel and although they ride pretty smoothly, i am afraid they will blow very soon, and when taking corners hard they like to bottom out.

i am considering buying a set of miata coilovers or something similar.

two questions somebody may be able to answer.

what are the shortest coilovers? are they miata coilovers? perhaps S2000?

also, coilover construction.

the threaded damper part, is it all damper? or is there a chamber of nothing that i can just cut off?


the red area, an area that is not part of the shock, but is there to allow a wider range of height adjustability. does that kind of thing exist? the reason i ask this is because the piston is significantly shorter than the thread shock tube. i want to know but the only way i can imagine finding out is cutting into the shock - which can yeild all kinds of shitty results or taking the shock to an airport to xray it.

any help is greatly appreciated.

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pandapirates said...

Wish I could give a solid answer... but the guys at Megan were really helpful hookin' my brother up with insight on coilover sizing ect in order for him to achieve a lower height without having to preload so much, maybe give them or someone similar a ring.. it's worth a shot..