Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reasonable ride height.

The Z is finally at a reasonable height.


s0apgun said...

go lower!

Ruiz said...


Please grow your hair back!

Yuta Akaishi said...

i can't go lower lol.

the car is seriously maybe an inch off the ground.

cross member and frame rails.

Oscar said...

I like. ZG flares and wide 15's please.

strwberriavenu said...

half the size of me? :P

strwberriavenu said...

btw thanks for leaving me a comment! :P i swear your list of importance:

1. cars
2. cars
3. cars
4. cars
4958203. mimi<3

strwberriavenu said...

your replies are so boring.

Ruiz said...

car CAN be lower.

Mini Truckin' low.

Body Drop.

Riding Rails 24 Seven.

s0apgun said...

don't lie yuta you know you have another 1/2 of low!