Saturday, July 25, 2009

S13 coilovers on S30!

so, i picked up a pair of kei office coilovers with swift springs for the front of my Z, and a pair of front cuscos for the rear, the cuscos did not work out so they are for sale. im looking for a pair of front S13 coilovers now, let me know!

on to the pics and captions.

here we can see the coilover and the stock strut for comparison.

here we see how much of the strut tube i cut.

here we fit the lower bracket from the coilover onto the strut tube for a test fit.


then i simply welded the lower mount to the strut tube.

my shitty welds. i need to get a gas mig.

here we show how i did the upper pillow ball mounts.

we drill a hole on the s13 mount without the use of the upper portion.

then we cut the hole in the strut tower a bit larger so the coilover mount will fit.

here it is on the car.

initial height.

after lowering.

i shall post full car shots after i get coilovers done in the rear, wheels on, LCAs to correct toe, flares and aero.

by the way these are the cuscos i have for sale, they are in great condition and would be great on a car if you dont care about being super low. i would like to trade for a pair of megan coilovers or the like.


pandapirates said...

hell yes yuta.. im proud

and i love the height pic, i knew u wouldn't let me down!

sal - powerzamcam said...

very nice to see the s13 setup worked. great job!

philstarsays said...

what the ride height.


Matej said...

Very proper.

strwberriavenu said...

hi yuta i promise you soon, i will help your car grow into a beautiful little z :)

badunkamunk said...

nice custom work

how much for the coilovers you didnt use?

O.G. said...
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