Friday, July 31, 2009

DC2 coilovers on the rear of S30.

this is how we do that.

here we have the integra DC2/ civic EG coilovers, damn shortest coilovers i could find.

then we cut the strut tube (too short - haha)

here we weld the lower coilover mount to the strut tube, (not pictured - we cut the coilover mount in half so the shock can fit into the strut tube)

test fitting the coilovers, everything seems to fit fine.

weld the funny thing all the way around then grind down the welds.

so we can slide this tube over the whole fucking assembly.

and here we have it. ride height and preload independently adjustable on my S30. oh and its currently at its highest setting, which puts the frame rails roughly 3/4 of an inch off the ground. i CANNOT wait to get the wheels on! (but in order to do that i need flares and LCAs...)

matt9000's cat, War Machine.


philstarsays said...

aha there i updated.

cant wait to see with wheels and flares.

so are you still using s13 fronts? or dc2 coilovers all around?

Ruiz said...

That cat was interesting, can it do any tricks?

marc said...

did you use the front coilovers for the DC2 or are these rears? I'm thinking of doing the same set up but I want it to be slightly higher in the rear as I have roads here that have large bumps.

Yuta Akaishi said...

im using the rears on the rear of the S30 and the fronts on the front.

i have yet to source a pillow ball upper mount however, which will be necessary to run the front coilovers which were not meant for use on a macpherson application.

just don't cut the strut tube as much if you want a higher range of adjustability.

its horrible for performance as well. i just like being low. haha.

marc said...

I see. Have you tried adjusting the dampers at least? Maybe this way, you can get a little performance out of them. My friend is the R&D engineer for Megan Racing and I'm trying to get bolt on coilovers made for S30's. The only problem is, they will only manufacture these by demand so I need 50 or more confirmed buyers with 50% deposit at first which will cover the manufacturing process, R&D and QA for the coilovers and will put the price range around 1K to 1.4K at most. But then members do not want to put a deposit on an item that has no exposure in the market which is understandable. Oh well, can't blame a guy for trying.

Anonymous said...

just wondering did you change the top hats so the coilovers could bolt straight on??