Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Mr. Alex Truong.

this is what i wa stalking about earlier:

with the F50 projectors.

(disclaimer: i have no affiliation with this vehicle)


how the fuck do Z33 owners drive around so low??

i think my S30 is pretty low, at least at the frame rails and crossmember (which are around one inch above flat ground and take quite a bit of a beating), but these guys are like scraping rocker panel! and these are brand new cars, what about speed bumps and driveways? i would hate to dent up my rocker panels on a car like that!


mattninethousand said...

honestly i dont think i would mind fucking my rocker panels up lol

Oscar said...

Haha for real my friends Z (white one on speedhunters) is way lower than my e30 and I can barely make it over small speed bumps. Though from what I've heard he has routes planned to avoid bumps and shitty roads lol.