Friday, August 7, 2009

credit card debt.

im at $650 right now.

which is nothing, i know.

i just ordered 3 more haha.

trying to hit $10,000 by the end of summer.

so i made a decision!

i chose a car to beat on, i miss sliding.

1980 2 door (i know, i want a 4 door, but im set on this one) TE corolla complete with quarter panel damage. this will have a budget of $2000.

found it and i will be building it up right after JCCS.

right now i am in the pre-JCCS frenzy.

L28ET is coming within 2 weeks (thanks, my beautiful girlfriend Mimi!), then it will sit in Matt9000s garage where i will get rid of all the unnecessary vacuum lines, EGR and shave the intake mani and mock up intercooler and shit.

here is my wish list for mimi (or rather shit i need by october). hey, if any of you guys wanna buy me shit thats cool too, haha.

T3 LCAs.
MSA air dam, flares, and spoiler.
tie rod ends.
tension rods.
q45 revolver projectors.
71C transmission.
10 gallon fuel cell.
fuel pump

and a bunch of random shit.

anyhow, this blog will not contain any photographs, so most of you readers will not
enjoy it.

I am really excited about the TE, but i will refrain from doing/getting shit for it until after JCCS, until which the S30 is the main priority.


ill stop there until i get some photos of shit or something.


philstarsays said...

mmm beat up purpose built drift te, motorfix <3

nisco said...

Living in debt feels awesome!

I need to go pay off some CC bills

Oscar said...

Sweet! I'm so tempted to pick up a TE72 wagon. Maybe I should go into debt, too.

henry! said...

guess you wont be making it out to UFO with me BRO