Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hayato Muramatsu's '79 Datsun 620.

I remember talking about Datsun trucks at Matt's a few days ago.

well this is a beautiful example.

Featured in "Mini Truckin'" is Hayato Muramatsu's shaved and body dropped 1979 Datsun 620. i wonder if this same body style was available in 1975, if so this would be a hell of a vehicle to own.


strwberriavenu said...

jeeeeeeeez that looks damn good!! O_O..
id ride it all day all night.

strwberriavenu said...


holy shit. someone went to sleep very late! aghh going back to sleeeep :[
i miss dead iron man.. ehe

Matej said...

Older Datsun/Nissan trucks are so cool. I kind of want one.

Elmounstro said...
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Elmounstro said...

HI, could anyone tell his information/contact etc.
I would love to buy that truck.
Thanks in advance