Monday, August 31, 2009

so i dont have a camera...

so here is what i have been up to, through the eyes of matt9000 (who has a digital camera).

When im not at work (im at work most of the time) or hanging out with Mimi, i'm usually around matt, so here are photos from his blog which happen to have me in them.

Me and Ryan who just got back from Iraq for his 3rd time.

Here is me "helicopter-ing" Alex's minivan.

Here is me dressing in June's weird clothes.

Here is me watching Inglorious Basterds, what is Henry doing?

here is me eating at Mitsuwa with Alex, Matt, and Amber. Matt and Alex not pictured.

Same day as above.

News about the car:

Stuff has been ordered, and in transit.

1 comment:

pandapirates said...

1. lolz at henry going crazy on the chair

2. girl is cute (no offense to anyone lol)

3. calpis in cali... im definitely moving to cali when i come back from here, closest thing I get get to living here i spose.