Thursday, January 14, 2010

Care and feeding of your Corolla part 1.

I will now begin a series of updates on how to keep your Corolla happy and healthy without spending any money. I love my TE, it is my favorite car i have ever owned. I have spent $280 on it so far including the car itself. I recently crashed it into a large boulder and the damage was quite extensive (3rd gear). the passenger side of my car forward of the firewall was pushed back about an inch and a half, bent a tension rod and killed a wheel. That totally fucked up my caster and the car was not driving straight. so here is what i did.

here you can see the damage to the frame rails.

take off the tension rod, this may be difficult when the LCA is all smashed up, just hit it a bunch of times with a hammer.

remove the inner bushing and sleeve, this will pull your tension rod hella forward.

cut the springs and put MKIIs on the car to replace the bent ass stock wheels.


now go drive and maybe crash again and nick the MKIIs.

cost so far: $280


jzxxx said...

Hey, my old rims. Glad they're being used now. You def, need another pair.

s0apgun said...

lol perfect

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

so sick