Monday, January 18, 2010

Today was a chill day.

Chilled with friends today, At Matt's house for a bit.

Then went to UC tap ex to meet up with gabe and his friends.

went back to gabes house and pickup up a sweet shirt. (ill get you that $5 bro)

Then chilled at henry's for a while, just talking about cool shit with Henry and Gabe.

Today is my last day stealing photos from other people's blog as Henry and Trinh Awesome (yea that is their actual last name) got me a sweet ass digital camera, but here they are stolen photos from HENRY'S BLOG.

Chilling in Henry's garage with Gabe, Henry, and his awesome car:

The corolla and I, I cannot begin to express how awesome this car is. Its fairly comfortable (not really), its reliable (not at all), and it's logical (anything but). But it has got me back into driving, just driving in general, everything - going on the local mountains, doing that funny junk in the rain (and getting pulled over). It's easily my favorite car i have owned.

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Ian said...

That corolla looks awesome man. Thats what they're all about, having fun!