Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New habitat for the Z.

So today was not a good day.

i woke up, still sick. Went to Ron's to pick up my Z and drove to Mitsuwa. Ate with Matt, then the Z and I left to Justin's, i then curbed my front passenger wheel making an U turn yea i hate myself. Then i chilled for a bit and watched him work on a customer's S30. Drove home with my Z, and got stuck trying to get up Alex's drive way (Alex Truong is my landlord/roommate) i was stuck for about 20min when the nice people at the bike store next door helped me out. So the car is now in the backyard. Ill be borrowing Justin's carport thing to keep it out of the rain kinda so i an work on it here. which is great - all i have to do is walk downstairs to work on my car! So ill get some more bodywork done as soon as im not sick any more.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got the car home safe. Sucks about the wheel..I did the same to the STI..i know i know. its not even my ride LOL.

Ill be back on Sunday. Im sitting in Miyako Hotel Executive Tokyo King Room :)..In little Tokyo here in LA.

Hit me up if you need anything. And keep the blog updated lol. I need some cars in my life.