Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So it begins. SC300 progress,

Finally got my coilovers in, (i bought the car as a shell without any shocks so i had to wait for the coilovers to come in to tow it home). threw Matt's rotas and Ron's steelies on the car and started taking shit out for the motor swap. it was hella dark so i guess ill be finishing it tomorrow.

As it sits: (this is pretty much as high as the coilovers go, i will be exploring how low they go after the new motor goes in)

Bunch of crap piled around and in the Z for the SC:

Matt, Alex and Coilovers:

I am happy about the fairly clean interior:

Gotta fix this abortion of a fender pull the previous owner did:

as she sits:

and yes, i will be removing the gross vinyls.


matt said...


Ruiz said...

Hey dude when did you get this?
You got rid of the Toyota then?

You've owned so many neat cars now
This should be cool too

Unknown said...

now me and the mad scientist gotta pull apart the block and replace those piston rings you fried.

Unknown said...

are those part shop max coils?
Good progress is good.

Taka said...

get the K&M missile fenders.