Friday, March 5, 2010

Want to buy!

So im looking at purchasing certain used items.

SC300 coilovers, preferably Stance or Powered by Max.

18x9/18x10 (0 or single digit neg/pos offset) wheels, im kind of sick of looking at zilvia waiting for wheels to pop up, ive already missed out on R34s and Bersaglios!

somebody must know somebody who has a sister who's boyfriend's cousin's daughter's friend has a grandmother who has some stance coilovers on her SC300. or maybe some decent wheels.

Dear SafeGabe: i would still like to work out something with your company about the wheels, please let me know so i can proceed with the wheel search or end it. <3


Anonymous said...

wheel get kranze lxz.

SAFEGABE said...

dear yuta,


Unknown said...

i need some wheels i wont feel too bad about smashing into curbs and stuff.

so around $1000.

LXZ is like $1000 A WHEEL!