Monday, March 1, 2010


holy shit.

hella good and hella bad stuff.

ill elaborate later.

for now:


dangle said...

oh man the car looks so good.

LSX_S30Z said...

ahaha i wrote the "if sparks dont fly, your car too high" on your hood.

Anonymous said...

Damn lookin sick. I can wait for the full story, but what are the specs on those wheels?

sixsylinder said...

OMG wow different. I can't wait for all the details.

Anonymous said...

lookin' good dood! i seriously wish i could cruise with you guys. but the pacific oceans in the way. hahaha.

Unknown said...

Man, I'm liking the beef on those tires. What size are you running? Definitely old schooool.

+ the painted lettering = death