Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Miss You (this).

Man, i miss having an S13. i was just looking through my photobucket and these brought back hella memories of being a teenager.


s0apgun said...

I miss you more (car)

Anonymous said...

Loved it with those Meshies in the first pic. but an all around badass'40..

Ruiz said...

I missed your old gray S13 with the fender flares and the sportsmax rims.

And Club240

And when you had a long ponytail

And when you said I could work at your shop sweeping floors.

I know I am super lame. Sorry.

Matej said...

Still remember the tragic day this vehicle was taken out of commission.
The rain poured and darkness engulfed my thoughts of the future.

xwrongx said...

i remember seeing it a couple years ago...and thinking... no fucking way its actually pink.

I adjusted my screen resolution.

But yeah, it was actually soft girly pink.

so good.

ingmar said...

awsome car, to bad it is'nt around anymore..
but i have a little question.. what kind of rear valance is that??

beto said...

Yea real men smash around in pink cars!hopefully your SC looks as bad ASS!will your SC be pink too?