Wednesday, April 28, 2010


so, funny story.

around four years ago, i came up on some credit from, so being the charitable person i am, i bought everybody who was in heartbreaker at the time a pair of coveralls - including myself. We all anxiously awaited our coveralls to come in, we were filled with excitement. Owning a pair of coveralls was the coolest shit ever back then, i was 16 or 17 at the time and wore a beat to shit borrowed pair. One by one they came in - all cool colors picked by the recipient, red, olive green, grey, until all but one of us had a sweet pair of coveralls, ME. To this day i still have no idea what happened to my fucking pair of coveralls, were they lost in the mail? did somebody snatch them from my front yard? Well, i am looking into buying a pair of coveralls now. What i really want is this:

in BLACK, is anybody familiar with the sizing on these? why are there normal sizes such as small, medium, large, and then there are "compound sizes" such as large x tall, medium x regular? medium x regular sounds about right (i am pretty travel size at 5'4"/130lbs), or am i completely off here?


henry! said...

I hella want an olive green one now, we should go somewhere and get sized up

Brian said...

jezuz yuta you are smaller then my ex girlfriend lol

goodluck though, everyone rocks them here, pretty cool

RiskE86 said...

im pretty sure they have them at wal-mart.

sixsylinder said...

I have medium black ones, but they're not Dickies. I forget where I picked them up.

Matej said...

Mine are Large Tall. My mom bought them for me at a tractor/hillbilly supply store, so I don't get skin cancer.

Kuroneko said...

Hey. You should shop here instead:

That Dickie's stuff is OK, but Workman is kakoii. Neko.