Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stolen from Noriyaro - BEST wing EVER.

I absolutely NEED to get one for the SC. Apparently its for a Hiace, so its going to be almost impossible to get =[. Funny bit of trivia: My uncle is somewhat of a Hiace enthusiast, he buys a new one every 4 years and keeps them ridiculously clean haha.


pandapirates said...

wing would like sick on the sc.. a guy here as a similar one on his, bot quite as big, but it looks dope

also hiace's are awesome haha, I always see nice ones rolling around :)

allmotorslut said...

my friend is selling his R32 GTR and he got that spoiler on it! im sure he can part it out! let me know if you want me to ask for it!

i just added you on facebook my name is nicholas.