Sunday, June 20, 2010


So today i found myself procrastinating at a whole new level. Instead of working on shit that actually matters i thought it would be funny to paint my diff. I had Justin weld it a couple weeks ago so it was just chilling. I went ahead and wire brushed the shit out of it.


Then i primered it with some black primer i had laying around, this actually looked kinda cool. Very North Korean nuclear program-esque.


Too communist for me, I then used a color i found at the local hardware store that reminded me very much of Tiffany & co (or as Lucky likes to call it: "celeste" for whatever the fuck reason). Im digging the new color. haha.


Okay back to actually working on the car.

P.S. the cars:


P.S.S. Lowney's car from last night. Somebody get this guy some paint!



Anonymous said...

You don't know the meaning of the word "procrastination."

matt said...

you should get lowney some wheels

laurante said...

that's not celeste you goddamn communist

義珊 said...

You are flattering me..................................................

Cross020 said...

Really love all the work you're doing on your cars. Keep it up man :D

Really love that Z.