Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The list of crap accumulated grows.

Picked up today.

Aluminum Flywheel.
Centerforce II clutch.
6 to 1 header.
seat, rails, brackets.

and most importantly the train handle from japan. thanks to Mr. Misaki.

air dam, flares and spoiler should be in any day now.

Still waiting for my deck, speakers and angle mount pods.

(deck and speakers: Alpine media receiver and type s components)

the inline 45RMSx4 amp came in yesterday, and 4" pioneer coaxials from Davis.

Still need to order the adjustable front and rear arms, RCAs, tension rods and camber plates from T3 along with the tie rods and roll bar from zcarcustoms . but that should be done next week.

after that i just need to clean up the bumpers, fix all the dings and dents in the body and MAYBE get paint (unlikely however with less than a month before JCCS).

Lots of work to do, hopefully i can get in 4-5 hours before work every day and get this shit DONE!

haha, this is more of a rant than anything else, ill try to get pics of shit as i do it, however i do not have a digital camera so please bear with me.

ill throw in some pics i got off of websites just for fun.

but that's boring! pics of stuff on the car as early as next week and the 3rd week of September at the latest!

stay tuned! i know i cant wait!


treeninja said...

You're a happy camper(: My blog has no pictures either.. no camera=bum off henry's pictures.. -_-

xambuhland said...

i have horrrble english and im a fob so i can get away with spelling things wrong including your name lol i always feeel like i should add a h there lol like the h is silent or something LOL!

s0apgun said...

hey MAN


Oscar said...

Yes dude, so cool. Living the dream!