Sunday, September 20, 2009

another narrative update.

so the front coilovers and camber plates are in.

i used Justin's gas MIG, the first time i used a gas mig actually, ive been using flux core MIG for ever and tried out TIG but never MIG, turns out i forgot to turn the gas on so i was welding with no sheild whatsoever haha, i still managed to get it nice and strong but its definitely not pretty. tomorrow ill grind it down and use gas. ahahaha.

so my car is lower now.

i thought one inch of clearance and a half inch of clearance shouldn't be a huge difference, i mean its only 12.5 millimeters closer to the ground.


everything hits everything.

haha its great.

i think its time to raise up the engine again.

i HAVE been taking pics, i just need a SD card reader of some sort.

so ill post up a huge photo update someday.


s0apgun said...

yes lower!

philstarsays said...

im like seriously dying to see a full pic of your car, not cool! haha