Monday, September 28, 2009

took a couple photographs

during my lunch break at work.

here is where my car spends most of its time, in the parking lot at work. (when its not at Matt's house) haha.

they are not fancy or anything but at least they are not blurry.

and as you can see the airdam is not on the car at the moment, i hope to keep it in one piece at least until JCCS.


Oscar said...

Damnit, stop it dude! Time to sell body to get Z started.

philstarsays said...

cant wait to see it with front stuff on.

but wow just wow...bodylines of these cars are just wow

i fucked up getitng a corolla haha, thats how your car makes me feel!

Anonymous said...

omg i love you.

Revgasm_Josh said...

k, drive it to chicago now...need to see this in person homie!!!

Matej said...

Oh golly gee, these pictures make me all tingly inside.

Unknown said...

Car looks freaking awesome. good work. Any chance could have a chat about zed's on msn/email etc? I have a ZG replica and am keen to get some proper fitment with flares.
-Rob (

DriftFaction said...