Sunday, September 27, 2009

i got pics!

thanks to Mr. Ronald Meyers, i have a SD card reader now.

first things first, here we have the new rear lower control arms installed.

the old control arms got cut in half and recycled.

box of junk

putting together the front coilovers:

layed them out so i dont put shit on wrong haha

all on the car: (this was a serious bitch, getting all the old arms off)

got the cage in: (roll bar, but whatever, its actually a old OS Giken replica - i like the design)

my audio system is in:

horns are in:

rear flares are on (needed a tad bit more clearance, so here i am "pulling" the fiberglass out).

and a really shitty, blurry pic of the old piece. (im sure i can con henry into taking some nice pics haha)

and i thought this was cool, car hit 66,666 miles.


Oscar said...

YAY!!! What coils are they? DC2 right?

Car looks sick. Can't wait for proper photos.

matt said...

damn it took a lot longer than i thought to hit the big 66666666666,

treeninja said...

Notice the 4chan links too?

You have pictures now. Good job.
Must be excited for the event, no?

d3m14n said...

been following your blog for some time now. nice to see some photos up.

progress pics are key.

makes me want to go work on my s13...

Unknown said...

Love your car. real nice job
What type of coilover and control arms do you use.

Have just started on mine 240z here in sweden

Mr Dubstar said...

Very nice car, I like it a lot!
What type of flares do you use?
I'm thinking to buy a 280 zx here in Belgium & definetly want these flares Thank you for your answer...