Wednesday, September 23, 2009

minor progress.

first of all:

this is for matt:

this is for mimi:

update on the car:

got the 15mm spacers on the front now, clears tie rod on the inside and flares on the outside. front flares are properly mounted. i preloaded the front springs more, and the car rides smoother and stiffer now.

also, modified the rear strut tower and coilover top hats to get a bunch more camber. hopefully with a bit of toe adjusting tomorrow i can get the flare to fit.

fitting 15x10 -10 (with 15mm spacer so et -25) front, and 15x11 -30 (no spacer) on stock ZG flares is definitely proving to be a huge challenge, i have never had so much trouble fitting wheels on a car. and i actually think nobody else has done it before, and i must say, the people who have not done it have much more common sense than i. ahaha.

hey, you know what would be nice right now?

fucking progress pics.

somebody buy me a SD card reader! haha.


Oscar said...

Shouldve gotten the wider flares but this will look way better when it's finished, I think.

henry! said...

oh my god, can mimi take care of a small animal? that thing is fucking cruelly cute.