Sunday, November 29, 2009

for sale!

i have some stuff for sale.

Brand new Alpinestars Tech 1-zx Homologated driving gloves. - $75 (retails for 139.95) i got these from the Hellaflush show but i really don't need them.

Brand new Dunlop SP sport tires 245/50/15. $75 for a pair.

these tires go for quite a bit more, but i got them with my wheels for a very good price and i really have no use for such large tires. looks like:

Used Centerforce 2 clutch and aluminum flywheel - $100.

ill get pics of these asap, i bought this for my Z but it looks like i wont be keeping the L24 so this is also for sale.


Oscar said...

Damn wished I lived in Cali, I still need an engine.

Revgasm_Josh said...

just put the gloves on and drive.... trust me.

Irish said...

Clutch and flywheel. Email me and we can work out delivery/pickup. Are you going with the l28et you had mentioned previously, or something else?

Anonymous said...

What size are the gloves?
hit me up at

mattninethousand said...

also silvia front end for sale!!!

Bryan Kang said...

Wats size are the tech 1zx? If its small, pls email me at