Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanks Everybody!

I really cant get used to how popular the old Z has become in the past couple months!

thanks to motor mavens and speedhunters mostly.

some interesting facts:

the desktops Linhbergh made for the Speedhunters site have been downloaded 8905 times, and apparently still going.

the article on Speedhunters has recieved 146 comments, making it the most commented article on Speedhunters of all time.

the article on Motor Mavens has recieved 101 comments, making it also the most commented article on Motor Mavens.

This blog has received 11,535 views so far from 72 countries.

Its all kinda crazy for me, but its also very exciting!

I've been taking a bit of a break from the Z since JCCS, with no place to work on it and the cold weather i have yet to touch it with a wrench. When the weather starts warming up i hope i have enough money saved up so i can finally buy the new engine from Justin's friend and i will get the body work done so i can get it painted.

for now here are some cool photos from Edafe's site: we had the pleasure of meeting him at Hellaflush III. He is the owner of the white Z33 which has become quite famous recently as well.

This one:

OKAY. on to the photos!



Your international now player! I cant even imagine your Z has just started.

s0apgun said...


Oscar said...

Edafes a cool bro got to see him drift his Z today haha.

Yuta's Z forever, s0apbr0. Cant wait to see it completed.

Linhbergh said...

I want to see pics of Edafe's Z drifting!!!