Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hellaflush thing.

So that meet was relatively fun.

i personally enjoyed the drive there the most.

everything went very smoothly, nobody broke anything which is always nice.

we also had our new vinyls on the cars which was cool.

We also won 3 awards out of i believe 9 so that was pretty sweet. Justin won the speedhunters choice award thing so he gets a feature and stuff, i guess that counts as best of show?

i dunno.

for some UNKNOWN reason our own Henry didn't bring his camera equipment so i guess we gotta wait for Linhbergh to post on speedhunters for fancy photos...

but here are some random pics i found online of our automobiles:


treeninja said...

poop. wish i went. you guys seemed like you had fun ]:

Helmstarr said...

So glad to hear you guys are getting your props!

Wish I was there...


hechtspeed said...

Just found your blog. I dig the statement that your favorite part was the drive to the meet. Very nice rides, all of them! Keep breaking hearts!