Sunday, November 8, 2009

Minkara Maji De???

So Matej had some interesting news for me:

Minkara ni norimashita.

kore chotto yabai kamo...


being a horrible second generation Jappo, i cannot read the kanji and the hiragana/katakana tells me nothing more than the fact that i have HIDs...

i have no idea whats going on!

help meeee.


Anonymous said...

it's a 240 (first line lol)
he started to like the 240z when he read a magazine produced by tokoro george (a comedian) called "daa".
I remember it was a pretty American and fancy looking car.
But, somehow, this Z's different.
It looks a pretty ghetto, but somehow, that's the cool part of it.
On top of that it's super slammed, with wild overfenders.
But, he does pay attention to the smaller details, like the HIDs in his headlights. *insert star*
For some odd reason, i wouldn't want to see this car get painted, and want it to be driven around in it's current condition. that's the kind of weird balance it gives the viewer.
don't tell anyone, but I'm kinda relieved to know that driving around with that ground clearance IS doable.
It has the same odd attraction as vintage jeans.

Unknown said...
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Russell said...

oh snap!!!! XD

Irish said...

You've gone international!

Redstar said...

At least you speak it haha. I'm a yonensei and I can't speak or read shiet. I only know a tiny amount because I am taking it in school.

s0apgun said...

looks like the bro up top got to it before me

maji de??