Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Making a new exhaust for the Z.

Who would have thought that this would be a three day ordeal? Shit is taking forever.

First we wire brush the fuck out of the Header, then shorten it, then weld a flange on.

I think this might be the shortest 240z header ever haha.


I loved the sound of to 6 to 1 but alas, over time the lower two runners became pancakes and the exhaust started blowing out between the head and header.


The old piping was also done for, so i made a new one out of five feet of 2.5" piping and a U-bend.


i tried to make it as nice as possible and tuck it as close to the body as i could.

here it is next to the old pipe.


one of the nicer welds of the day, please keep in mind that all i have is a Flux core MIG before you judge me haha.


Ill finish the rest tomorrow, the rest being hangars, painting the header and welding the end portion on.



laurante said...

should have asked me to weld, because i know how.

next time i come down there, can you cut and reweld my stock shifter on my legacy? i'll buy you pepperlunch <3

tailoutsx said...

Nice. I wonder how it'll sound.

vyktr said...

Nice to see the Z getting some much needed love :-) Greatest car ever Yuta!