Tuesday, October 20, 2009

for sale 15x10 -20 smoothies.

a full set of 15x10 -20 "smoothies"
a full set of 80% tread DZ101s.
tires are already mounted on the wheels.

$450 for the set.

4x114.3 and 4x110.

so i guess they fit mustangs too.


Irish said...

Think I can get some more pics of the 15x10's? I'm definitely interested. Are these right down in San Jose? It might be easier to just meet up at a car meet (I think I'm about to organize another sometime soon here) if they are.

jzxxx said...

Sup man I pm'ed you on NCD. let me know asap.

Puregroove_Org said...

Not a bad price...*thumbup*

ziptied said...

hey man, i know its alittle late but what size tires are on those smoothies?

are they isnsi's old wheels?

didnt henry have the fronts? i am thinking about buying a set for my corolla.

thanks man.