Saturday, October 10, 2009

nut up or shut up

zombieland is a GREAT movie.

i saw it twice.


car related news:

got the TE72 corolla.

so im going to go ahead and start on this.

nothing crazy, im just sick of driving the Z every day.

ill just make some coilovers work on it.

pick up some wheels.

the plan is to keep it simple as a daily beater that i can also drive in the mountains.

im thinking KA but ill probably end up keeping the stock motor.


henry! said...

handle that

Oscar said...

AE86 coils and starsharks. Do it!

Helmstarr said...

Do it up homie!


Unknown said...

dear Yuta, this a a comment reminding you that you should put Alex's wheels on sometime soon. thank you and i hope you have a pleasant day.
ps read the comment i left on your article on motor maven.