Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friend's car: Justin's 610 Wagon

I am quite confident in saying that Justin of Operation owns the coolest 610 wagon in the world, guaranteed at least until Russel finishes his.

In case you didn't know: every Datsun 610 sold came equipped with a solid rear axle. Yea, it would blow my mind as well if i wasn't there as he was putting the IRS in, i even helped! although a minuscule amount...ahaha.

well here are some crappy photos and video Matt9000 and i took!

The man himself!:

Matt9000: "did you move the couches yet?"


just a video of Matt fucking around with the air:


Anonymous said...

fuck this thing is ill. Good job Justin. Me next me next!!!!

Kenny said...

whooooooooooooaaa!!!!! that is SOOOOOOO awesome!!!!

Linhbergh said...

Fuck dude. I want to shoot this piece of ricer amazing also!!!

Slappy said...

Ok, do all of you guys have ill ass rides???

Unknown said...

I have 2 of these one is a 1973 & the 1975 for parts but it needs a good home if somebody is in the market for a 75 wagon sd trans l20b

Anonymous said...

hey justin have you herd of Its the coolest spot for datsun homies like ourselves.... I really think people will get alot out of seeing your ride :D I sure do. I think there is even a thread talking about your car that someone started when they saw it on speedhunters.... If you know justin will you tell him he should check out ratsun .net? thanks